More than just another music player. More than another way to organize your albums and songs.
Albums! gets the best out of your music collection.

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Why Albums!?

You love Apple Music: the access to the whole world of music is fantastic.
But the music you discover and appreciate is too easily lost in the huge array of choices and playlists.
With Albums! you can find your music quickly and directly, and give it a worthy place – permanently.

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The Box Concept

Boxes give you the right music without endless playlists. Albums! organizes your music in boxes in a comfortable, user-friendly way that’s based on your own needs and preferences. Some boxes are predefined, like the “Top Five Box” or the handy “Here and Now!” Auto Box.  Albums! makes it easy to play the music you want when you want it.

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Play Box

With the help of the Play Box you can explore your entire music collection. You can find media or indulge in the covers of your favourite albums. You can also find functions for direct playing and organizing your music.

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Direct Access

Albums! offers direct access to the library. The app organizes your music according to your needs using the box concept. You don’t lose track of your music, and you can always access your music directly.

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Albums! Player

The Albums! player offers more than the usual “play” functions.  It also provides you with unique functions to listen to music, like skipping backwards and forwards, or memorizing the last position in a song that is a great match for an audiobook. The Play Box comes with a special player.

The Philosophy of Albums!

Complete control over your music library.

Music albums at the centre of your attention.

New features with fun factor.

More about Albums!

You can find more about the app with the exclamation mark here

What other people say

Comments of users and the press

"At last ... this is exactly what was missing to use Apple music in a relaxed way. A superbly-structured app with many, many possibilities to arrange your personal music collection effectively. ... incredibly well thought through ... taken out of the category: absolutely essential!“

LawrencePawrence, review in the AppStore

“That’s how you get new music combinations faster, which focus on the album as the synthesis of the art.“, app of the day

“Whoever is looking for an extensive, individually configurable new concept of music players should have a closer look at the new Albums!“

"I have been looking for a long time to sort all my audio books properly and, above all, to always continue them in the right place. I found what I was looking for with this app and have been using it for a very long time now. ...a function that Apple unfortunately hasn't been able to achieve in the music app for ages. And for the price, simply worth a recommendation!"

news73, review in the AppStore