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Königswinter, 2nd March 2017

Seequax releases Albums! for iOS

The music app Albums! uses Apple Music and offers direct access to the library and listening to music without endless playlists, Albums! was released in the Apple app store on 9th March 2017.

Why another music app?

Albums! offers several new functions. The music player can skip forwards or backwards from 10 seconds all the way up to complete albums. It memorizes the last position in the song or in audiobooks.

Most of all, it lets you create your own music system via the Box Concept.

The Box Concept

“Boxes” help the user find just the right music for any situation, according to his or her individual listening habits. Albums! offers an easy-to-use function to fill the various boxes. So-called “auto boxes” are filled automatically. Several predefined boxes are already available when you start your new app. An Albums! Play Box view presents your music in an animated way and offers direct access to the songs. The places where you listen to certain songs are also shown in a map.

Who is behind Albums!?

Heiko Müller, a manager of software development in the area of Business Intelligence, developed this app in 2016. The driving force was his recognition of a need: to have direct access to music the listener likes in specific situations. Online music cannot be stored in shelves as you might have done in the past, and it also can’t be put into a particular order depending on your mood. The big providers Spotify, Napster, Google and Apple Music mainly rely on standardized playlists.

The team of Seequax focused on filling this gap, and met the need in Albums! using the”Box Concept“.

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